PPI Mis-Selling


The banks don’t want you to know how easy it is to claim compensation for their miss-selling of PPIsAnd it’s no wonder: they’ve already been clobbered with a £26.2 billion bill in pay outs.

But they also don’t want you to know that the PPI compensation pot is far from depleted. 

It’s estimated that there’s a further £26 billion left unclaimed. That’s a lot of money. And you can grab your share of it without barely lifting a finger!

More than 12 million consumers have already found out just how easy it is to get the compensation they’re due.

Let’s face it, if we told you there may be £142,000 waiting for you in a locker – you’d ask for the key. And if it was £2,750 stashed in there – you’d still go fetch what’s yours. Well, these represent the highest PPI pay out and the average PPI pay out. So, what’s stopping you getting the key?

Find out if you have a claim to make, and discover just how easy it is to do so.

Are you one of the 18 million who could still make a claim?

If you took out a mortgage, credit card, loan or car finance between 1990 and 2010 then it’s pretty likely you’ll have a case for compensation.

PPI was so craftily and widely mis-sold that most of us aren’t even aware we were stung.

In fact, there were 64 million PPI policies sold during this period to 30 million customers.

That’s more than half the eligible population in the UK!

Not every one of these was mis-sold. But many were. This means that there are 18 million people out there who may still be due compensation

The PPI odds are in your favour. Making a PPI claim is not a gamble. It’s like taking candy from a child.

And that’s what the banks don’t want you to know.

76% of claims are decided in the consumers’ favour according to the Financial Ombudsman’s Service.

The PPI odds are firmly in your favour. And, even based on averages, you could get to get around £2500. But the big PPI winners have walked away with nearly £150,000.

But time is running out

The FCA recently announced that it was drawing a line under the whole PPI fiasco. 

If you wish claim what’s yours it’s time to act. The deadline is set and the clock is ticking.

And there’s still £26 billion of ‘prize’ money just waiting to be collected.

Don’t let your share of the compensation go to waste. This is easy money!


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