Mis-sold Investments Claims

Do any of these sound familiar with you?

  • Have you been mis-sold an investment plan by your bank?
  • Did you want to invest your money into a low-risk fund but the bank ignored your wishes and put your money in a high-risk investment plan instead?
  • Did your bank state that your investment value could not decrease?
  • Did they imply that the term ‘100% Capital Secure’ meant your capital was not at risk?
  • Did you find the bank’s brochures misleading with statements like ‘100% of your capital back’?
  • Were all the risks of investing your money fully explained to you by the bank?
  • Based on your financial goals did your bank try and sell you financial products which you feel were unsuitable, even if you have not lost money?
  • Did you have problems accessing your money, after being led to believe you would have instant access?
  • Did the bank encourage you to tie money up in long term arrangements without making sure you were left with enough money for your short term expenditure?
  • Do you believe that your bank gave you misleading advice and that you may be a victim of misleading investment sales practices?



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