Is your pension not performing as expected?

Have you ever been mis-sold a pension or investment? If any of the following statements apply to you contact us today on 01942 619911.

  • Were you sold an investment without proper advice and guidance on the risks involved?
  • Have you suffered financial loss as a result of transferring your pension following advice from a Financial Adviser?
  • Were you offered a free financial review and advised to transfer your pension or investment?
  • Have you been advised an investment strategy that is not in line with your objectives and attitude to risk?
  • Were the commission payments, charges and conflicts of interest not disclosed to you?
  • Did you deal with an unregulated Financial Adviser?
  • Have you transferred out of a Final Salary (Defined Benefit) arrangement since April 2015 with a fund value greater than £30,000?

The FCA advise people who think they have been mis-sold a pension to raise a complaint as soon as possible.

Countless savers who have lost financially from badly invested SIPPs – Self Invested Personal Pensions – could pocket a £50,000 windfall from a special government fund set up to compensate losers which is currently due to pay out a staggering £120 million.

A maximum £50,000 compensation is currently available from the £120 million fund managed by The Financial Service Compensation Scheme. But the figure is set to rise by 75 per cent to a £85,000 maximum next April (2019) to mirror the rapidly escalating number of losers throughout the UK.

The SIPP scams involved unscrupulous Financial Advisors preying on savers who were promised massive returns of up to 20 per cent a year only for their savings to be squandered on get rich quick schemes including investing in airport parking, holiday properties and green energy projects.

Retirement should be something to look forward to so you think that you have been wrongly advised don’t wait, contact us today. It costs nothing to find out if you are entitled to compensation.

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