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Recommendation Scheme Terms and Conditions
  1. To be eligible for a payment under this scheme, the initial contact with us MUST come from a prospective client (‘PC) directly. No information regarding the PC or their prospective claim may be provided by another party prior to our agreeing to act on the PC’s behalf. This means that if you do recommend us to a PC, you should ask them to call or email us directly. To help us identify you as the Recommender, please make sure the PC provides us with your full name and contact details when they contact us.
  1. We will only make a payment for recommendations and do not offer any inducements to clients or third parties
  1. We will make no payments where the PC has been encouraged, or is likely to have been encouraged, to make a claim by way of you offering them any sort of reward
  1. Where the PC informs us that we have been recommended to him or her by a recommender, the recommender shall be eligible for a payment under the scheme, subject to the terms herein
  1. Please note that we can only make a payment to a recommender under this scheme if the PC contacts us in accordance to clause 1 above. If a recommender attempts to provide us with a PC’s details, or details of their prospective claim, we will not be able to make any payment to the recommender, as this would constitute a breach of LASPO.
  1. Any payment under this scheme shall only be paid to the recommender. No payment under this scheme shall be made in any case where the recommender is a defendant to the PC’s claim
  1. The amount of the payment made under this scheme may be amended from time to time, without notice, at the absolute discretion Compi Claims Limited
 In Addition to the above the following conditions must also be met – Confirmation of Exempt Recommendation Criteria

(Please note that if you undertake any of the following activities you are legally required to be registered with the claims management regulator and cannot recommend claims under this agreement. In signing the agreement and accepting a recommendation payment you confirm that you do not take part in the following activities and will confirm to Compi Claims Limited when requested any changes in business operations or practices)

  1. Advertising for, or otherwise seeking out (for example, by canvassing or direct marketing), persons who may have cause of action;
  2. Advising a claimant or potential claimant in relation to his claim or cause of action;
  3. Referring details of a claim or claimant, or a cause of action or potential claimant to another person, including a person having the right to conduct ligation;
  4. Investigating, or commissioning the investigation of, the circumstances, merits or foundation of a claim, with a view to the use of results in pursing the claim; and
  5. Representation of claimant (whether in writing or orally, and regardless of the tribunal, body or person to or before which or whom the representation is made).
  1. Claims for personal injuries, within the meaning in the Civil Procedure Rules 1998;
  2. Claims under the Criminal injuries Compensation Scheme established under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Act 1995;
  3. Claims for a benefit specified or referred to in article 3 of the Compensation (Speciation of Benefits) Order 2006 (please note that this relates to industrial injury disablements benefits);
  4. Claims in relation to employment (including claim in relation to wages and salaries and other employment-related payments, and claims in relation to wrongful or unfair dismissal, redundancy,discrimination and harassment);
  5. Claims for housing disrepair (that is, claims under section 11 of the Landlord and Tennant Act 1985 or section 4 of the Defective Premises Act 1972, claims in relation to the disrepair of premises under a term of a tenancy agreement or lease or under the common law relating to nuisance or negligence, but not claims for statutory nuisance under section 82 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990);
  6. Claims in relation to financial products or services.



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