Have you received all that you are owed?

A report by Which has revealed that banks could owe millions
of pounds more in compensation for mis-sold PPI because they have failed to
properly investigate claims.

The consumer group found that banks “routinely dodge
potential refunds” by not checking all the policies a claimant has held,
instead choosing to only investigate the individual policies named, without
mentioning to the customer that they had other PPI policies that might be
eligible for compensation!

All the high street banks confirmed that they limited their
investigations to the policy referenced, unless a customer makes a general
complaint or explicitly requests that the bank checks all policies sold.

Firms have admitted that they are doing the bare minimum to
compensate victims by failing to investigate and flag all the policies a
claimant might have held, meaning millions could be left unclaimed.

The deadline to register a claim is the 29th of
August and any claims lodged after that date will not be considered for compensation.

If you think that you may have had additional policies that
have not been compensated, we would advise you to re-lodge a general claim.

If you would like advice or help please call one of our advisors on 01942 619911 today. Remember it costs nothing to ask and you might have a lot to gain!

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