Time is Running Out!

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Time is running out to claim your mis-sold PPI¬ The deadline is the 29th of August 2019 and it is expected that the banks will be inundated with last minute claims!

Don’t worry if you have already been told by your bank that you do not have a claim, contact us today on 01942 619911 and speak to one of our advisors as we may still be able to reclaim some compensation for you.

Below are figures from the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) showing claims they received and upheld for some of the main high street banks.

Lloyds TSB was the subject of 45,727 complaints to the ombudsman, 42,195 about PPI, of which 86% were upheld; Bank of Scotland attracted 34,434 PPI complaints, of which 81% were upheld; while another Lloyds Group business, Black Horse Limited, accounted for a further 5,888 complaints about PPI, of which 97% were ruled in the customer’s favour by the ombudsman.

If you have had any loans, credit cards or a mortgage then it is worth your while enquiring to find out if you had PPI and if so if you can reclaim it on the grounds that it was mis-sold

In a lot of cases when people took out a loan, PPI was added without the knowledge of the customer. From personal experience when I took out my first loan I was advised that it would only be approved if I took the PPI option!

Are You a Victim?

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On the 9th of January 2019 the UK Government introduced legislation to making it illegal for companies to ‘cold call’ individuals with regard to moving their pension in order to ‘gain’ additional benefits.

Pension scammers stole on average £91,000 per victim last year, according to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
Pensions remain a juicy target for fraudsters and some will inevitably look to circumvent the ban or simply ignore it altogether.

While some companies acted in good faith many were only interested in parting their clients from their money!

Does this sound familiar to you? Were you advised that by transferring your pension you could increase its value but in actual fact it is now losing money?

It may not be too late to recover your hard earned money! Call CompiClaims today on 01942 619911 and talk to one of our qualified advisers who will be able to advise you about your options.

*The ban does not apply if the caller is authorised by the FCA, or is the trustee or manager of an occupational or personal pension scheme.

If the recipient of the call consents to calls or has an existing relationship with the caller, the ban also does not apply.

It’s the final Countdown!

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Its the final countdown to the end date for claiming your mis-sold PPI, but don’t worry it’s not too late to start your claim!

If you think that you may have been sold PPI that you did’t want or ask for contact us today on 01925 619911 and speak to one of our qualified advisors.

It doesn’t matter if you cannot remember the details as we will check everything for you and give you the correct advice about proceeding with your claim.

CompiClaims operates a ‘no win no fee’ policy so it will not cost you anything to make an inquiry!

Don’t leave it a moment longer, you could be entitled to reclaim thousands of pounds!

Christmas is Coming!

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Christmas is coming and so is the PPI deadline! From the 1st of January you will only have 8 months to make your PPI claim.

If you have not done it yet start today by contacting one of our advisors on 01942 619911. It doesn’t matter if you are not sure when or if you were advised to take out PPI on a loan or mortgage, we can check all the details and if there is nothing to claim the service is free, so what are you waiting for?

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