PPI? It’s not too late to make a claim!

March 31st, 2018 (No Comments)

The Financial Conduct Authority has issued a deadline notice on August 29, 2019 for payment protection insurance. If you haven’t made a claim yet, then make sure you do so before the deadline as is believed that many consumers may make their claims “at the very last minute,” which can terribly slow down the PPI […]

Am I a Victim?

March 26th, 2018 (No Comments)

Key things to remember about financial mis-selling: It’s not about whether you lost money – even if you didn’t lose out, if the product isn’t right for you – perhaps it’s a riskier investment than you wanted – you can still make a complaint about financial mis-selling. You can’t complain just because an investment performed […]

Beware of Pension Scams.

March 19th, 2018 (No Comments)

Protect yourself from the Pension scammers. How can you identify a pension scam? The following points may stop you from falling into the pension trap! If you think that you have been scammed act now! If you’ve already signed something that you are now unsure of contact you pension provider immediately, they may be able […]

Steelworker’s Pension Scandal!

February 15th, 2018 (No Comments)

The UK financial regulator has been accused of “sleepwalking into another huge mis-selling scandal” by a Labour MP, after an investigation into how thousands of former steelworkers may have lost out following complex pension transfers that earned financial advisers large fees. Tata was forced to offload the £15bn BSPS to pave the way for a 50-50 […]

Miss-sold SIPP?

January 24th, 2018 (No Comments)

The FSCS has declared three Sipp providers in default. These are: Stadia Trustees Limited; Brooklands Trustees Limited; Montpelier Pension Administration Limited In its business plan the FSCS said it has received 150 claims against these companies over due diligence failings ‘but we expect to receive many more claims in 2018/19’. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) […]

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